"We are really grateful for the opportunity to have Eva support us during the preparation of the arrival of our second child. Her knowledge and understanding made us feel very comfortable to discuss our fears and hopes. We would highly recommend Eva if you would like someone who is generally nice and wants you to achieve your ideal birth experience."

Jessica and Christian Bailey, 2019

"My husband and I had Eva as a doula from My Sunrise Support even though I had a scheduled caesarian surgery and therefore all should have been reasonably easy and predictable as this was my second birth. 

But of course, things did not go according to plan. The baby turned head down on the day and I was offered the option of having a natural birth. We decided to go ahead with the C-section at the end and it was the best thing for me as we later found out after the operation that my previous scar was paper thin and it would have been a high risk of it breaking down during pregnancy/labour and I would have bled internally and possibly lost my baby too.

Eva was there to provide advice and guidance to both my partner and I, without forcing any matter, just presenting the facts, and supporting us in our decisions. She is very informed and up to date with everything that has to do with birth.

She was at the hospital even before us, and stayed with us throughout the whole experience, the good moments and scary parts. She waited for me to come out of surgery and had a cuddle with our newborn baby boy and made sure I had plenty of food to snack on as she remembered I told her that after my first c-section I was starving ( haha ). I wish she had been there the first time around too :-) 

My husband, although at the start sceptical of a doula, said ‘ I was very comfortable because Eva was very professional but at the same time warm with us and was looking after my wife so I could enjoy a longer skin to skin with our newborn without having to worry’. 

She was there to help us and I now attend her group that supports mothers where she continues to support me on my motherhood journey.

It was a great experience for us and we will be forever grateful to her. I will certainly recommend Eva at My Sunrise Support services".

Sidonia & James

"I have been attending the birth relaxation classes for several weeks with Eva. It’s such a treat to have an hour to myself and to focus on positivity and this new baby, particularly as its my second pregnancy and I have a toddler running around most of the time!

Even though it’s online at the moment, Eva creates a calm, safe and inviting space to focus on yourself and your baby, discuss any fears, and enjoy positive relaxation with the scripts she uses.

This class is great for any mum to be, looking to escape to a calm space and take a short amount of time to focus on you, your baby and a positive birth experience."

Hannah Newman-Newing, August 2020


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