Following the birth of your baby it can feel

overwhelming and lonely. I would like to

support you while you find your way through

the early days. I will listen to your needs and

provide you with the guidance needed.

Your own self care is important after a birth.

  I will support you to achieve this in the capacity

that you need, as even a hot drink may seem

like a huge task once you have given birth

however, I can be there to make this for you

and give you the time to drink it whilst it still

hot. Your partner or other children could

do with some help adjusting to the new baby

in the household or you need someone to stock the fridge, put a load of washing, and cook a meal while you and your partner enjoying the baby.  I can offer help with these.How you choose to feed your baby is your decision to make and I am trained in all options and there to offer support and encouragement.  I am also there to listen to you.  I can help you connect with your local community and signpost for any services you may need. Together, we will make a clear plan on how I can help you to make the recovery and the early stage easier.



Optional Additions 

  • Helping you understand your birth story and deal with any trauma

  • Closing of the Bones (extra charges will apply)

  • Access to my library of books and DVDs

  • Access to a local community of mothers 

  • Making meals and delivering to your door (extra charges will apply)

  • Baking for you home to welcome visitors with (extra charges will apply)