Updated: Aug 9, 2020

From the day we find out about our pregnancy, we embark on a new journey. We start planning for the future and what choices we are going to make. Pregnancy is an emotional and physical transformation that we all go through before motherhood.

As we start planning and thinking about the logistics of it all - getting nursery ready, picking out names, sorting out all those parental appointments, taking classes (Hypnobirthing, NCT), planning the birth. It’s easy to get swept in the details and forget that the reason behind all of it, is that you are having a baby.

Just take a minute and let this thought and feeling sink in. As the excitement hits, your body will start changing. Be proud of your body! Not only for growing a human full-time but letting your experience the beauty of pregnancy. As you start feeling those tiny kicks, your love for your baby starts growing.

The bond between a mother and baby is one of the strongest unique bonds that exists. For a woman to create, grow, and give birth to another life is rather extraordinary. Even through we may experience some challenges in pregnancy - morning sickness, and growing pains in legs and back. It is still beautiful because the love we feel for our baby. We create a life - safe place for our baby which is simply beautiful. All of this is what makes it all worth it and makes pregnancy such a beautiful experience.

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