When someone goes through a traumatic experience it can be distressing day to day. The constant replaying and avoiding the memory, hyper vigilance, anxiety and anger can impact a person’s confidence and resilience after a while. 


Do these feelings ever go away?


The most primitive survival system “flight or fight” allows us to act when we face a life threatening danger. The highly aroused emotions of fear and helplessness present during the trauma become inextricably, biologically linked to the memory of the event.


This can be explained from a neurological point of view like a faulty burglar alarm that keeps on triggering even though there is no immediate danger anymore. When suffering with PTSD it keeps on triggering the “flight or fight” response unnecessarily, the constant reliving the event and all the emotions again and again can be draining. The rational part of our brain (pre frontal cortex) can be symbolised as a policeman. It tries to reassure us that nothing is wrong anymore and we are out of danger but the voice can’t be heard through the alarm. There is a disconnection between them two so it is really hard to rationalise or wilfully stop the thoughts and feeling you might be experiencing.


3 Step Rewind can help through 3 simple stages:

  • Hearing your story and understanding the changes you want to make

  • Deep Relaxation that will involve remembering the event in a safe and secure space

  • Imagining coping in the future and responding differently


No matter how other people see the event if you are struggling with a form of trauma this can help.