About Birth Pool in a Box

Birth Pool in a Box has a reputation for comfort, safety, practicality and reliability that makes it the first choice of personal birthing pool.


Birth Pool in a Box Eco Mini Plus

Birth Pool in a Box Eco Mini Plus is a personal use birth pool that comes with one disposable single use liner. The pool is made from eco-friendly material (0.38mm eco PVC Cadmium, Lead and Latex free) and meets EU regulations on maximum levels of phthalates.

The pool has 2 sets of top handles perfectly positioned to help you control your movement in labour. Birth Pool in a Box is designed without internal handles to avoid obstructing full movement. The pool also has an integrated cupholder (cup not included) which helps with hydration during labour.

The pool also has an internal seat. The seat is useful during labour for adopting alternative positions and movement. It is also perfect for sitting on after birth while bonding with your newborn. The oval shape is perfectly proportioned for labour and birth. The opaque outer walls of the pool increase the sense of privacy important to women in labour. To inflate the pool, it takes 10 to 15 minutes using an electric pump which is an optional extra as you may already own one. To fill your pool with water, use a new hose pipe (to ensure complete hygiene) which is connected to your tap with a tap connector. Filling time varies widely according to the water supply. It can be as little as 30 minutes from a high pressure combi boiler or can take longer from a small tank if it needs to reheat in between.

A rough guide is that the mini pool represents two and a half bath full of water from a standard bathtub, you may decide to fill your bath to test your hot water supply. The compact design of the Mini Birth Pool in a Box is perfect for smaller spaces. If you also prefer small cosier spaces this is the ideal size for you. Don't worry if you are a tall woman, the mini is perfect for birth.

What is included in the rental fee?

  • The latest Birth Pool in a Box Eco Mini Plus pool.

  • 1 disposable liner

  • Electric inflate-deflate pump. 

  • 12 metre filling hose. (please note you will need another length of hose which is not included, to empty the pool, which should be disposed of after use)

  • AC submersible water pump to empty the pool.

  • 2 types of hose-tap connector.

  • A birthing mirror to enable you to see your baby’s birth

  • £100 all inclusive and delivery 30 mile radius

How it is cleaned and stored


It is all sterilised and then sealed away in individual packaging until the next use.

It is then sterilised again before use. The liner and hose pipe are replaced completely before every use.

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